Primary Care

Got A Doc Walk-In Medical Center as Your Primary Care Physician

At the very least, our patients can expect personalized care through professional services, but we strive to offer so much more. Our Walk-In Medical Center offers you a full range of preventative, primary, and urgent care services. In circumstances where the condition is beyond the scope we cover, we refer patients to other physicians of appropriate specialties. We serve as Primary Care Physicians for patients age seven and up.

Health Benefits Plan Guidelines

All managed care plans have respective rules and regulations for both you and your physicians, but the general guidelines below apply when you choose Got A Doc as your Primary Care Provider:


Choosing Got A Doc as your Primary Care Physician means access to any of our Got A Doc Medical Center locations for urgent problems at any time.


If you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency, dial 911 or head straight up to the nearest hospital emergency room. Life threatening emergencies include but are not limited to:

  • Toxic overdose
  • Injuries that involve severe bleeding
  • Head injuries
  • Severe trauma
  • Severe allergic reaction
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Conditions that hamper breathing or respiration
  • Heart attack or stroke

However, if you feel you need to visit a hospital emergency room for non-life threatening conditions, then count on a Got A Doc Physician. Contact a Got A Doc Physician on duty at your center of record in advance.

Trust that the center has pre-recorded instructions for appointments during after-hours. Got A Doc Physicians are on call and can be counted on. You can request for an immediate emergency referral. Depending on the stated condition during your call, the Got A Doc Physician may authorize an emergency referral or may schedule you for an appointment the very next morning.

Note: Such calls are very important. If you proceed to the emergency room due to a non-life threatening condition without a referral from a Primary Care Provider, your insurance plan may not cover your visit. Likewise, insurance plans do not accept retroactive referrals. Your insurance plan determines what and how much it will reimburse.


Referrals to specialists must be preceded by an evaluation from your trusted Got A Doc Physician. For exceptions to this rule, please contact your insurance plan company. Once your Got A Doc Physician refers you to a specialist, please call the Medical Referral Center at 410-655-1500 at least two weekdays prior to your appointment. This allows enough time to obtain approval for your visit from your insurance company. It’s best to remember that if visits are not approved in advance, the insurance company may not cover the specialty services. This ensures that you end up paying for a fraction of the cost for services provided in more expensive tertiary care settings.

Chronic Conditions

Chronic conditions are lifelong diseases that include diabetes and high blood pressure. To ensure that you get consistent care, go to your same trusted Got A Doc Physician each time. Chronic conditions are best handled by a single physician to ensure the continuity of your care. No patient would want to go through the inconvenience of starting all over again when seeing a new provider of care. You can always call the center and listen to the recording of your Primary Care Physician’s work schedule.


Allergy injections and Vitamin B12 injections are routinely administered at Got A Doc. Your health is our priority and our Primary Care Physicians may provide a referral for an initial evaluation for allergy testing at the allergist’s office. You will return to your trusted Got A Doc location for routine injections.


As much as we would like to assist you on your road to recovery, please keep in mind that our Got A Doc practice is in an office setting only. We observe regular office hours and offer services and facilities pertaining to urgent care. For conditions that necessitate hospital confinement, we will arrange for a specialist to care for you throughout your hospitalization. the hospitalist will provide the care you need and keep your Got A Doc Physician updated on your progress. Our physicians will also receive a written report from the hospitalist to complete your medical record.